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Incredible Creaminess, "velvety", "true fabulousness" and damn good. The question I posed was bout evaporated milk and how it works in this dish which you failed to answer I wasn't looking for a "shortcut", rather a new and widely used approach to make this variation of an American classic. Quick, inexpensive serves a crowd. CBC and others that may be interested.

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ChefJune September 4, I think evaporated milk is a way some folks take to avoid making the bechamel that will make your mac and cheese its creamiest. There really is no shortcut if you want true fabulousness. Having made bechamels since I was a little kid who didn't know what they were called, I don't think twice about it. If I'm going to make a dish, I want it to be all it can be -- that is, the best.

I think that makes the best topping. Pecorino Romano is good, too.. I'm going to start the sauce as a bechamel; cook the mac in the diluted evaporated milk; when the mac is cooked I'll add a variety of shredded cheeses and keep it warm in a crock pot.

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I don't have time now to share but will later. I It's a creamy mac and cheese and I think its very tasty. Usually my dish is a bit al dente with a more pungent cheese profile. Simple and delicious!

I tend to buy evaporated milk only to make pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving yes, from the recipe on the canned pumpkin puree. If it ain't broke But I do recall my grandmother having it around as a staple - I think it was more common before refrigeration was a given. I definitely would not pooh pooh its intrinsic creamy magic. Update: Just finished baking off my macaroni and cheese using evaporated milk.

White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Broccoli

Definitely is creamier, which is a good thing because that's what I was looking for. Used 3 parts white sharp chedde and 1 part gryere. When I get to my final destination, I will reheat in the oven and finish off with my topping - panko, butter and parm cheese broiled until brown. Can you use regular milk instead of evaporated milk?

Just try to cut the cost as low as possible and using items I already have to save money.

Creamy Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese (Boiled in Milk)

No, unfortunately the unique chemistry of the evaporated milk is what helps the cheese emulsify into a smooth sauce instead of clumping up into a glob. So yummy! I wanted leftovers for the week so I doubled the recipe except for the chicken, which I tripled, and I used a tiny bit more of the spices to make sure it was seasoned enough and it came out great. I used rotini pasta. Next time I will throw in another bag of vegetables to bulk it up even more! Easily my top favorite of yours!

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My husband uses sharp cheddar and some sweetened condensed milk and it tastes like heaven!! Can I use fresh broccoli florets instead of frozen?

Cooking with Evaporated Milk - Mac & Cheese

Should I add them to the water with the pasta in the beginning or can I add them towards the end like with frozen? Yes, you can use fresh, and your intuition was spot on. Add them to the boiling pasta water when the pasta is almost finished. You should only need to boil them for a few minutes, just until they are bright green and a little tender. I dont usually comment on the recipes I try online But this came out so good and it was super easy. Not yo mention healthy.

I havent found anything that is quick n easy, healthy and good My 5 year old daughter loved it. I doubled the recipe because cooking daily in a small rv is not efficient. Given that, I still prefer more seasoning than was listed. You are now a legend in my house. The cheese was impossible do do and came out terrible : Maybe I am just a bad cook. This does not seem to be for beginners. I ended up just adding butter to the noodles and sprinkled some other cheese on top. YES…just yes. This was delicious!!! I am eating a bowl right now!!

This recipe is a keeper and I am gonna make it again — thank you so much!! The sauce was soooo creamy and yummy. This tasted a little strange to me at first, I think perhaps because of the evaporated milk, but what I really liked was how good this tasted cold.

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Can You Use Milk Instead of Cream for Homemade Mac & Cheese? | Our Everyday Life

So, if your next recipe calls for evaporated milk and you don't have it, open the fridge — you'll likely find the best substitutes in there. Evaporated milk is often made of 2 percent milk, but Real Simple says 1 percent and skim will work too. You can even go dairy-free , as this process also works with soy and almond milk.

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That's all it takes to make your own evaporated milk. No milk in the fridge? No problem. Coffee lovers will be happy to know that one cup of half-and-half or heavy cream will also serve as a substitute for evaporated milk.