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Note: The screenshots below show a document I used when I wrote the original post.

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But the dialog boxes should look the same. Now the text is at the top of the next page.

You can mouse over the buttons to see the names of them. Now, if you scroll back up to the first page, you can see the header is still blank, because the two headers are no longer linked. Four Formatting Tips for Excel. To receive future blog posts in your Inbox, please fill out the form below. T4L is not currently accepting guest or sponsored posts.

How to Insert Headers and Footers on Mac Microsoft Word

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How to Edit a Header or Footer in Word - dummies

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Q. How do I format my paper with page numbers and the phrase Running Head on only the first page?

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If you make a mistake, press "Ctrl-Z" and try again. Skip to main content. Double-click the Word header to enter Editing mode.

Click the end of a line and press "Enter" if you need a blank line on which to add your graphic. Click the "Insert" tab and click "Shapes" from the Illustrations group.

A bonus Microsoft Word tip

Click a line format from the Line group. For a generic line, select the first option. Double-click body of the document to exit header Editing mode.