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I'm now debating how hard to poke through the system files to sort out empty hoods given that they aren't the easiest things to download. This message has been deleted by muridae. For some reason adding a folder doesn't work for me. Posts: Thanks: 17 in 1 Posts. For those who cannot find the Library folder: type the following into Terminal. EDIT: Yes, it works.

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Can anybody verify if using subfolders will work? Blog: Expattery. I have place a number of packages in the above place and all are working just fine. I just need a censor remove now.

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Can anyone help me. I installed some cc into my game and it won't show up.

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I enabled cc in the game and put it in the Downloads folder I don't know what i'm doing wrong. The cc i'm trying to install is an outfit and i have the mesh for it, so I have no clue what i'm doing wrong. Please someone help? I read over the post about five times but i still can't figure out how to make the cc show up in my games.

The answer might be hiding in plain sight but for the life of me i just can't seem to figure it out. Can someone please help me? I had to make the Sims 2 Downloads folder since it does not come with it from the start. Yes I am and go to finder, go up to the top of the screen and click go then find go to folder and click it and paste in this. Okay guys. I got some sims2pack filed sims to show up in my game!

However it seems as if package files are not showing up. Perhaps if we change the extension of the package files to sims2pack files maybe they can show up I will test it out..

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Nope not working. No, that will not work.

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The location of the Downloads folder is very different in this version of Sims 2. Please read the other posts in this thread to get the correct path to the Downloads folder. Silly me tried to use the old location at first.

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Package files are showing up fine for me in the new location, both Sim makeup and Maxis item recolors. Are you trying to use recolors of Maxis objects, not anything that goes on a Sim, but like a chair or table? If so, you need to install the CEP first. You mean to say through the library? Also I had my downloads folder already in my documents after I installed the game. I'm looking through the library and I can see all my package files.

It's still not showing up for me.. I download cc hair and clothes first..

Obviously to see what would show up. But Im going to install CEP now!

Nymphatica, have you enabled CC in the game settings? It is disabled by default. The MTS CC troubleshooting guide gives good clear instructions on how to do that, as it is not perfectly straightforward. And I apologize if you are not a new Simmer and I am inadvertently insulting you. Back in the day I used to download from the actual sims 2 website and it was really easy.

But now that website is gone, and I've been trying to read over this forum over and over yet I still cannot seem to download CC to my new game. Is the Sims really worth playing without CC?!

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Sorry for the rant, but i just really want to make this work! I tried to follow some of the instructions that were posted on here; I went into the library, found the Sims 2 folder, and created a Downloads folder within it. The download links for the Updaters at Macgamefiles dont work for me! Aspyr is abandoning support for Mac OS X So I archived the files here for the future.

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