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This is bad because OS X expects the Windows boot partition to be the last on the disk.

Triple boot Apple Mac easily, with OS X , Fedora Linux and Windows 10

GPT doesn't know anything about the active partition, and doesn't need to. Once this is switched then Windows will swap the drive letters and the 4th partition will be "C". It says that it is very experimental and does not support a number of important NTFS features. For information read in this forum. Booting your Mac This article lists two alternative methods for booting the operating systems installed on your Mac.

The recommended method is to use the graphical boot menu supplied by the rEFIt project. The advantage of this method is that it presents you with a single, customizable interface.

How to Natively Boot Linux on Your Mac

However the disadvantages are that you need to bless it onto your hardware, and it needs to be reinstalled every time you upgrade Mac OS X. The problem with this method is that LILO must be reinstalled every time you change your Linux kernel, and it requires you to use multiple boot menus in order to select your OS. Apple's firmware prevents this from occurring.

If it's already installed, you can skip this step.

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In order to save time, only install the base system at this point. Boot into Mac OS X. Boot Camp : install Boot Camp. Then exit Boot Camp. If you already partitioned, it created a 3rd partition at end of the drive. A simpler way to remove the partition is to use Boot Camp Assistant, which allows to "restore the startup disk to a single volume" see its manual.

This is also necessary if you wish to update the drivers after setting up triple-booting. Open up a terminal window and type diskutil list. The command syntax is Of course, those numbers were provided from an example using a GiB hard drive while the diskutil list numbers were taken from a GiB drive. If diskutil resizeVolume still reports "chosen size is invalid Do this work around will fix the errors; Resize the current partion size first; sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 60G Reboot it. Reboot Mac OS X as you would normally do.

When it starts up, run diskutil list again and verify that your new partitions have been created! When you hear the chime, hold down the C key to boot from CD. Windows Setup will start. At the disk partition screen, select the C: drive. Setup will continue and eventually it will restart your computer. You will need to repeat this until Windows is fully installed. It will not work yet notably, the network won't -- you need to install drivers. Driver CD : Finish the Windows XP installation by using the driver cd you created earlier to install the system drivers; you will need to click through hit "Continue Anyway" to many messages of the form: "The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing Activate windows : Now that your network card works, activate Windows so that it doesn't stop working I think as of Boot Camp 1.

A virus scanner else Windows complains You now have a dual boot system! But obviously, we aren't finished yet. Linux From here, you need to bootstrap your favorite Linux distro. Depending on the variant, this may also require you to compile your own kernel. The easiest way to compile your own kernel is to download a vanilla linux kernel and use the kernel config file from mactel-linux.

The kernel patch is necessary only for elilo whereas we will be using lilo. We now need to set up the Lilo bootloader so that we can boot into Linux. Install Lilo in the manner that is normal for your distro of choice. I was unable to use the built-in keyboard to start the boot process!

You will get a warning that you are not setting a swap partition. Say "OK" and move on: we don't have enough partitions for a swap, and we will instead make a swap file later. This step messes up the partition table, so you will need to fix it later with gptsync , and work around it with LILO below. Alternatively, you can set up a lvm logical volume from the linux partition, and then define as many partitions as you need in the lvm system. Lilo is able to boot a system that has all the partitions under lvm!

We cannot just install LILO, as the partitioning gparted? Presuming that this works, in the next step, LILO will succeed , and you won't need to do it manually.

Boot from USB on MAC

It will fail; this is ok. Drop to a shell using the option at the bottom of the installer , and edit lilo. This should succeed; now exit the shell, and choose "Continue without a boot loader", as the Debian installer doesn't know that you manually setup LILO.

Before reading further: Make sure you’re in the same boat!

Say "yes", naturally. Now reboot and all systems should be go! Hardware: What works, what doesn't? See Debian Wiki on MacBook for up-to-date info on hardware especially. Monitor : Install resolution ; on Debian, apt-get install resolution Without this, you get x resolution, which is very fuzzy.

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This loads the x video mode onto your Intel video card, so that it works properly. Note that your xorg. Currently, your network card and X are setup correctly, and monitor does with resolution ; sound works as of Linux kernel 2. I do not know about other accessories iSight camera , and I don't know an easy way to setup the keyboard. Now restart your mac. If everything has been done correctly, the rEFIt menu will be displayed with icons for all three operating systems. Select the OS of your choice using the arrow keys and return. You now need to mount your Windows partition, create a chainload file for ntldr and then add a reference to it in the Windows boot.

Select Windows. Select Linux! Further issues Linux Drivers Version 8. They are available on ATI's website. This xorg. Simply change all occurances of "x" with "x" Upgrading Boot Camp from 1.

macos - How to install Ubuntu on a Mac running OS X Lion? - Super User

The point of this upgrade is just to install newer drivers, so you just need to create a new drivers disk; you don't need to do any repartitioning or reinstalling of OSes. However the Boot Camp Assistant will not run on triple boot setups due to the different disk layout. In order to upgrade, you need to use the following workaround: Download version 1. Unfortunately, in our tests, this often did not enable rEFIt completely. Linux needs a partition on your hard drive. In Leopard, creating one is incredibly easy.

Why, Tiger Mac, what big hard drives you have! In Tiger, creating the partition is done slightly differently. Choose the size you want your Linux partition to be, and then click Partition. Boot your Mac into Windows and insert your Linux install disc see step 3. When it auto-runs, click the Install Linux Mint Inside Windows option, and follow those instructions. Then skip to step 9. Then, insert a blank CD and open Disk Utility. Finally, click Burn, and choose the ISO file you just downloaded in the file browser. With your Linux Mint disc in the optical drive, reboot your Mac while holding down the C key, which forces it to boot from the CD.

After everything loads it takes a while , you will see the Desktop of Linux Mint. Of course, if you want the full experience which will be much faster , you need to proceed to step 5. Current page: Page 1.