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There are 91 combinations available in-store I don't know about you guys, but a bread bowl filled with mac-and-cheese sounds incredible and five choices if you decide to order online. The online options are, according to a press release:. So, when will you be able to indulge in this delectable entree?

But time is of the essence here because the promotion will end in just two weeks. It's unclear if Panera will make the Double Bread Bowl a full-time thing in the future, but one thing is for certain — this Valentine's Day promo could lead to some romantic moments. Okay, I just updated this post with a printable version of the list. You should be able to print it off now. Thanks for the suggestion of updating the list and getting it back on there. I think this will be helpful for many others too.

Not so much fast food but what about points for bubba Gumps. I have not been able to find this anywhere. OMG you are my hero!! You brought tears to my eyes with this list. My husband and I travel a lot to visit his parents in Canada and our son in So. Carolina and Florida. We drive to these locations and usually stop at one of these fast food places along the way.

You are a true lifesaver!! I know that is asking a lot — but wanted to ask just in case! I will look into them and see what I can find. I know every place is different but do you have any ideas what say 4 oz of batter fried fish would be? Thank uou so much. Starting week 2. Hey there Susie, that sounds like fun!

If you go by the WW app 4 ounces might be close to 7 smart points. Week two!

Good job! I just ran across this website today and I am starting weight watchers today on my own.

25 Insanely Delicious Ways to Use Your SmartPoints at Panera Bread

I love everything that is on this website. Can you tell me if you have any points information for Outback Steakhouse and Red Lobster? Great question Zelma! I would love to get those in this list.

Restaurant and Fast Food with Weight Watcher Freestyle SmartPoints (10 SP or less)

I will look into it tonight and see what I can find. Hi Rosemary, It depends on where you are getting the hamburger, the size of the burger and the way it is cooked. Is there a certain place in particular that you had in mind? This is a lot of work and very much appreciated! What a HUGE help and time saver! Again, thank you for this great website! Thank you for your hard work! My husband and I also went through it together because sometimes he just picks up some fast food for lunch and was curious about the better options he was so happy his favorite, Taco Bell, had so many good options for him.

How To Make Greek Mac and Cheese

How perfect! Who knew? Feels good to gain some awareness on these types of things and have more confidence when you are making a good choice. I love Taco Bell too and could probably eat there everyday and not tire of it. Proud of you guys and happy to be on this journey with you! So when you do something like put the mayonnaise on your sandwich and then scrape it off, which I have done before, how do you account for the points that are in the bit of mayonnaise that is left? I suppose it would depend on how much you scrape off. I know when doing Weight Watchers we want to be diligent in tracking, but I am thinking you are probably okay to be a point or two off.

I would count it as points.

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I know we are taught not to drink our points, but Chik fil a has a large diet lemonade that is awesome. Their grilled chicken is very low in points and tasty and they have a good selection of veggies for sides. Super helpful!!!

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Well done. Awesome Jonathan! You are definitely not the only guy who has found MPM to be helpful to them. Honored to have you on our site and glad these lists will be helpful to you! Thanks for dropping a comment. Hi Jade! Sorry it took me forever to approve this comment and respond to it. Thanks for understanding. Chick Fil a side salad no dressing is 3 points. The points come from the cheese and crunchy toppings.

Order 12 count grilled nuggets, 3sp , a side salad no cheese 0sp light Italian dressing 1sp and I use a half packet of the honey BBQ sauce. Do you have any lists for other sit-down restaurants? Stephanie, Sorry it took me forever to get around to adding these.

Panera Weight Watchers Points Guide - Sarah Scoop

Thanks for the suggestions!! Thank you for the post!


Please know that paneras half turkey avacado blt is actually 9 points not 6. Found out after I had it but it was delicious at least! Oh no! Thanks for letting me know that! Not sure how I got that one mixed up.